The manufacturer of terracotta tiles announced on December 10 the acquisition of the Spaniard Tejas Borja, which opens the doors of the Mediterranean basin

At the end of 2019, the terracotta tile producer Edilians (formerly Imerys Toiture) acquired the Portuguese company Unbelino (100 employees with a turnover of €10 million). Two years later, Edilians strengthened its presence in the Iberian Peninsula with the acquisition of the Spanish family business Tejas Borja (230 employees, €30 million in turnover).

“This family group more than a hundred years old in the region of Valencia, historical region of local clay production, has 4 production lines and especially access to the port of Valencia which should allow us to develop, in the south, towards the Mediterranean basin and North Africa and, in the north, towards Ireland, entry point to the United Kingdom”, explained to the Monitor, Pascal Casanova, president of Edilians since March 2020.

Edilians, which produces 1 Mt of tiles per year (14 factories, 1170 employees) with a turnover, up to €320 million in 2020, is indeed facing a saturation effect.


Export and innovation


“Today for us, the French market is saturated in capacity. We are struggling to recruit and produce. So we had to go and find additional capacity. The acquisition of Tejas Borja gives us the means to strengthen ourselves in the countries bordering France and to offer our factories, via a network effect for southern Europe, opportunities to optimize the offer in export countries,” explains Pascal Casanova.

Tejas Borja, whose brand will be retained, will bring two “innovations” to Edilians. On the one hand, “lighter products per m² than ours, which is obviously of interest for the environmental impact of our activity,” notes Pascal Casanova. And, on the other hand, “screen printing on tiles, a new and useful know-how for us”, adds the president.

Edilians has also entered into exclusive negotiations with IRFTS, a French specialist in solar integrated into buildings, to acquire its rooftop photovoltaic solutions, in particular its integration kit, complementary to high-end solar tiles for the renovation of Edilians.


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