Product Description

The Universal 20k Slate Vent is for high level ventilation, providing 20,000mm2 ventilation area to reduce the build up of mould growth and structural damage in the roof space, caused by damp, poorly ventilated roofs. It can also be used as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems when used with an adaptor. The Universal 20k Slate Vent suits larger man-made fibre cement and natural double lap slate tiles (600mm x 300mm / 24” x 12” and 500mm x 250mm / 20” x 10” tiles) with a minimum pitch of 22.5°. The Universal 20k Slate Vent is available in slate grey or dark slate to blend in with the roof tiles.


Area of application

For roof pitches 22.5° and over.

For 600mm x 300mm (24” x 12”) and500mm x 250mm (20” x 10”) natural double-lap slates and man-made fibre cement slate tiles.

High and low level ventilation.