We Source Natural Slate from around the world that is best suited to the Irish Market

From : Spain , Wales , Vermont USA , Asia , China

Colours : Grey , Green , Purple , Black

Real Slate is formed in metamorphic Rock and this is why it is found across the world where it  formed millions of years ago pre Dinosaurs !

There are a variety of  Slate reserves  found in many countries around the world. The rocks in the earth’s crust continuously undergo changes in their composition which leads to formation of other rocks. Each rock has a unique formation process. Formation of Slate is explained below:

  • Mud buried beneath the earth was subjected to intense heat & pressure and changed to clay, then shale and finally slate . The most important characteristic of slate is “cleavage ” which means that it will always split in the same plane – this allows slate to be used as a roof covering – Real Slate / Natural slate

Natural Slate Selection