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  • A tile with all the purpose of a natural slate but with more. An engineered hybrid solution for modern construction. Advantages:
    • Speed – quick to lay, half tile & tile and a half minimise cutting & waste
    • Chamfered slim edge 10/12mm
    • Low overall weight 39kg per m2
    • Minimum pitch 22.5degree
    • No grading, sorting or fading
    • No cut eaves slate
    • Comparable gauge 242-248mm
    • No extra battens required over 600 x 300mm slate
    • Clay slate can be laid in damp or wet conditions and doesn’t need to be kept covered from the elements
    • Future proofed against harsher climatic conditions –no loss of colour or shape
    Considered next generation NZEB product - superb life cycle costing recyclable, re-usable & adds a prestige to a development shows the developer is up to date on new construction methods & standards. Savings of up to 30% can be achieved over natural slate.
  • Imerys / Edilians Ogee Ridge 400mm cover Universal angle 81 per pallet 2 fixings per ridge tile View our full range of ridge tiles here.
  • Clay tiles also have many technical advantages; the fact that many clay tiles are pressed, rather than being simply extruded, means that additional features can be incorporated on the top surface, such as channels or upstands to prevent water entering nail holes, weather bars to prevent capillary or wind driven rain penetration.
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  • A very popular tile on the Irish market for the last 20 years. The hp10 is made at the st Germer tilery in the Beauvais region. It is a natural and cost effective option for anyone who wants their roof to last. Easily fitted with minimum fuss.
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