CS Premier

CS Premier

Sourced from the Best Quarry in China Prosper Slate quarry .One of the few Chinese quarry owners that exports natural slate roofing Slate that are all tested to BS EN 12326:Part1:2014 standards, in partnership with Shaanxi Zhenping Prosper Slate.

Available in 600 x 300mm & 500 x 250mm

minimal grading

13.3 slate per m2

500 slate per crate approx


Product Description

Slate in China

Natural slates have been widely used for roofing throughout the world for over 200 years. Chinese slate’s origins date back some 400 million years. Most of the good slate is in inaccessible mountains, so China Slate’s long term objective is to install the necessary infrastructure to reach them, and create immediate employment for local labourers to mine the slates. This has much improved living standards for local villagers. In most of the quarries, there are plans to fill the valleys with slate waste to form level land for local village development.


Quality control

Quality control is carried out at each stage of production. All slates are carefully selected, sorted, graded for thickness and separated into heavy duty wooden crates that are then individually numbered to identify the responsibility of each operator and supervisor and they can be tracked right up to customer delivery. A feedback and reward culture has been implemented from the beginning.

We have adopted the traditional European manufacturing methods. The managers and supervisors are of a high Western standard and the workers have been stringently trained in the importance of “right quality for the right application”.

There can be considerable variation in Quality between Quarries even in a small geographical area and this is why partnering with China slate gives us the confidence to know quality of there product coming is suitable.

Reliable supply

Using modern communication we are able to see product and quarry instantly via video link to China, our logistic systems allows us to adjust and select products according to market demand. We also hold substantial stocks in the UK and China to accommodate market changes.


Our partnership with China Slate & the Shaaxi Zhenping Propser Slate quarries uses a combination of modern technology and traditional skills to produce high quality slate, comparable with the best roofing materials in the world and suitable for the most demanding applications. The on-going investment programme in equipment and people ensure our roofing slate is consistently produced to the highest quality and standards.

  • Fully tested to international standards, BS EN 12326:2014-2 compliant

  • Non-fading and will not discolour, free from damaging pyrite and carbonate

  • Pre-graded at the quarry to minimise on-site grading: natural stone appearance in a user-friendly and durable format

  • Supplied with countersunk holes

  • Hand trimmed deckled edges with a natural riven texture for a traditional appearance

  • Carefully packed in heavy duty transit crates

  • Available with insurance backed guarantee

Improved Understanding

When Chinese slate first appeared on the market they didnt quite meet the standards of other Natural slate available at the time. The Quarry owners didnt understand rock , splitting, fading etc and as a result they expierenced quality problems. By now into 2022 they have imported machinery and invested in geology exploration  to extract the best rock for slate suitable for the European market . Now giving Guarantees on non fading of the slate .By dealing with an established company and someone who puts the time and effort into souring we are confident CS Prime is a viable or better alternative to existing options available.

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