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Alumasc Rainwater Solutions

Our supplier is Alumasc a manufacturer of Premium building products with a focus on sustainable products helping customers manage there energy and water use.

Alumasc has been promoting the efficient use of metal within the built environment for over 80 years at the core of its commitment is its environmental policies.

Product Description

Alumasc rainwater solutions are designed to give optimum performance over their lifespan.


The range includes:


  • A green material – recyclable , sustainable and versatile
  • Lightweight – durable & strong
  • Aluminium has a lightweight to strength ratio which means it is strong yet economical . most aluminium products are produced from 100% recycled scrap
  • Aluminium can be easily formed & shaped by rolling , ectrusion, forging and casting , characterisitcis that reflect the wide choice of form and visual appearances available

Cast Iron

  • Cast iron has extremely high strength and requires minimal maintenance
  • Made with almost 100% recycled scrap cast iron can be recycled indefinitely and for this reason should not be disposed of in landfill

Steel range

  • Steel is 98% recyclable , with recycled stell only requiring 40% of the energy to produce steel from its virgin state

New copper & zinc ranges available.

Note: extra marine coatings are recommended for costal location.

A vast range of colours and profiles are available.

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Brochures, technical specs and other relevant documents can be downloaded below where relevant in .PDF format.

Aluminium Rainwater Tech Spec

Steel Infinity Brochure 2019

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