Available in 500 x 250

Dark grey

Real textured appearance.

Perfect match for Campo Rande, CUPA 98.

Specialized in traditional Galician roof slates.



Dimension and Dimensional Variation


Nominal Thickness and Variation


Mechanical Resistance, Characteristic MoR

Transverse: 39,1 N/mm2 / Longitudinal: 57,1 N/mm2

Mechanical Resistance, Mean Failure Load

Transverse: 45,1 N/mm2 / Longitudinal: 65,3 N/mm2

Carbonate Content

3.1 % Complies

Water Absorption

Complies with code W1 0.31%

Thermal Cycling

T1 Complies

Sulphur Dioxide Exposure

S1 Complies

Non-Carbonate Carbon Content

0.3 % Complies

Release of Dangerous Substances

None in conditions of use as roofing or external cladding

External Fire Performance

Deemed to satisfy

Reaction to Fire

Deemed to satisfy CLASS A1


Product Description

RANDE® is produced from one source of origin and has a long history of exporting high quality slates to the most demanding markets.

The quality control of be natural® staff in the quarry guarantees a perfect selection of your order before the collection.

We control color, thickness, size and labels.

be natural® transport your order from the quarry up to your doorstep, wherever you are in the world.


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