Edilians roof tiles

Edilians roof tiles

Clay tiles also have many technical advantages; the fact that many clay tiles are pressed, rather than being simply extruded, means that additional features can be incorporated on the top surface, such as channels or upstands to prevent water entering nail holes, weather bars to prevent capillary or wind driven rain penetration.

Edilians roof tiles

Roof tiles

Product Description

,The advantage of clay roof tiles is that their colour is permanent. With the application of ‘engobe’ to the tile surface many colours and textures are possible. Engobe is a ceramic material, consisting of clay, glass and manganese oxides. When the tile is fired the engobe and the tile ‘fuse’ together.   The applied surface colours then remain permanent.

  • The Edilians  Clay roof tile is an ideal choice as an alternative to natural slate. Where installation time and cost are important considerations. The designer can specify a clay alternative to slate, knowing that the life expectancy of the product is far superior to fake slate and equal to natural slate
  • Choosing a clay tile you are getting a long lasting product with permanent colour and shape
  • Unaffected by the harsh climatic conditions we experience in Ireland.
  • Edilians currently operate from 14 Factories producing top quality roof tiles & accessories .
  • They offer the widest choice of colours , textures & profiles .
  • Download our product catalogue here  for more options .


Looking at adding a renewable source of energy to your roof  ? Download our PV options here or for more information go to https://edilians.co.uk/our-products/roofing-solutions/solar-products.html



For more information visit www.edilians.co.uk

Brochures, technical specs and other relevant documents can be downloaded below where relevant in .PDF format.

Imerys Product Selector

Imerys Brochure

Imerys Brochures Beauvoise

Imerys Brochures Double Panne

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Imerys Brochures Single Panne

Advantages of Edilians Clay Roof Tiles

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Imerys Phalempin Blends

Imerys Photovoltaic Brochure

Imerys Fiche Beauvoise Graphite

Imerys Beauvoise

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