Permo Forte Breather Membrane

Permo Forte Breather Membrane


Permo Membranes


  • Permo Forte
  • Permo Light
  • Permo Eco vent
  • Permo Air

Product Description

Klober offers one of the best ranges of membranes available on the market with the technical back up and understanding to match.

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It is essential that roofs be constructed as to minimise the risk of moisture Vapour entering the attic space and forming condensation.  Guidance from Building regulations Part D, L & F along with S.R.82 code of practice for slating and tiling should be followed.  Modern construction methods with increased insulation and minimal heat-loss mean priority should be given to choosing the correct membrane in combination with the Airtightness and ventilation of a building.





Movement of water vapour will take place through underlays

The roof membrane provides a secondary barrier to prevent wind driven rain , snow & dust from entering the roofspace and should be accurately installed so as to transport any rainwater into the roof drainage system. Membranes must have adequate resistance and stiffness against wind uplift. The installation of the membrane should be done in consideration with the roof type i.e warm or cold roof  &  in relation to the relevant wind zones ( see fig 5  below ) so as  to prevent the wind uplift load being transmitted to the slate or tiles.


Design considerations :

  • The Roof Pitch
  • The Length of roof slope
  • Condensation risk occurring
  • Roof traffic during construction
  • Headlap required
  • Tear strength



Permo Forte 



  • An extremely strong  membrane with 4 layers including a reinforced mesh
  • 50m x 1.5m roll
  • Type LR
  • superior nail strength
  • Nail strength 320N longtitudal / 160N transverse
  • 150g/m2
  • Irish Agrement approved ( cert no 03/0190)

Download the Permo forte datasheet here 

Download the Irish Agrement Cert Here


Permo Light 


  • Permo light is a strong 3 layer membrane
  • 145g /m2
  • Irish Agrement approved ( cert no 03/0190)
  • type LR
  • Nail Strength 180N longtitudal / 180N transverse
  • Suitable for warm & cold pitched roofs

Download the Permo Light Datasheet here 

Download the Irish Agrement Cert Here 


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