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Phalempin roof tiles

These tiles have been produced in the Normandy region since 1860. An appealing sand finish that you would associate with expensive hand made clay tiles. Phalempin offers an attractive range with a variety of mellow color tones.


Product Description

Stunning results can be achieved by mixing different colours of Phalempin roof tiles . Choose one of our distinctive pre-mixed blends, or create your own – good practice requires that tiles from at least three different pallets be mixed when roofing so why not formulate your own mix using different colours?

A UNIQUE, VARIABLE SURFACE FINISH – Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the Phalempin roof tiles  site produces each Millennium tile in unique fashion with its own texture and relief. The Millennium blend offers a vibrant blend of colours that will mellow and mature with time.

MIX OF DIFFERENT SIZES – Irregularity of sizes which is indispensable for the renovation of historic buildings with three different lengths varying by +/-5mm in order to recreate roofs as they used to be.

Brochures, technical specs and other relevant documents can be downloaded below where relevant in .PDF format.

Phalempin Spec

Imerys Brochures Phalempin Blends 2016

Imerys Brochures Phalempin


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